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The Side Of Funeral You Need To Understand

4f56uj545At those times when you receive the devastating and heartbreaking news of the loss of a loved one, you just wish that you could skip to that part when time has healed your wounded and broken spirit, and you are smoothly moving on with your life. Here’s the cruel bit of reality, you have to go through the deeply excruciating pain and eventually, you will indeed get over everything that has happened. With the various ways, technology has to take our minds off things and finally learn to deal with everything, it couldn’t get any easier. Other people results to using funeral directors to streamline the whole process. For instance, sites and other online platforms offer such services. Though it is the saddest part, we have to be well equipped with all the necessary information on funerals and know how to arrange a good final send-off for our beloved ones.

Types of funerals

ef5yr45thrteFirst and foremost, we must realize that we live in a society which is one big cocktail. Meaning, it is made up of very many people who are different in every way. The religious aspect makes the largest percentage of it all. We have; Christian funerals which are held by Catholics and Protestants. A priest prays for the departed soul and then hands it over to God’s love, care, and grace.

1. Civil funerals

This type of funeral is impartial to the government laws and religious doctrines. The funeral can be held at any location of the family’s choice, whether indoors or outdoors.

2. Muslim Funerals

According to their customs and traditions, a dead body is not supposed to go longer than 24 hours after death. A qualified doctor is required to send a copy of the death certificate to the tax registry as a means of paving the way for burial arrangements to start right away. Hindu funerals are mostly popular among Indians and are staunch believers in karma. The more good deeds you partake in a while on earth will determine the state of your reincarnation.

What normally happens during funerals

Any and every funeral must have a well-organised program that must be followed to the letter to avoid chaos and confusion. In the program, you will find that there are songs to sing, poems to be recited and eulogies to be read out loud. From there, the religious head will then take over and lead the attendants in prayers for the soul of the deceased.It is also very important to bear in mind that the funeral location entirely depends on the family of the deceased.

What happens once the funeral is over

Somehow, family, friends, and relatives of the deceased can find a reason to smile knowing that the hard part is finally over. A memorial is held at the home of the deceased, or their family can go out to a cafe or restaurant and eat something after such a difficult period that robbed them of their strength. At this small gathering, they can each remember their loved one by remembering and sharing fond memories they had.

From the factual points listed above, it is safe to conclude that grief can best be overcome by unity, especially during the mourning period. When one is at the point of emotional brokenness, the rest of the family will be strong enough for that person and vice-versa. Always stay united during and after the funeral because that is what the one you’ve lost would have wanted.