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Use Of Natural Stone Cladding For Your Home

The stone cladding provides a classic look to your home regardless of the age factor and the architectural style. This type of stonework is used in transforming of homes. They can be used in major construction projects like home exterior as well as for the small jobs like cladding a floor or a fireplace.

There are different options and designs available for the stone cladding ranging from the rustic brick appearances to the most sophisticated stone styles which are very creamy. There has been a lot of revolution in the stone cladding regarding style, installation, and the general appearance. All these designs are aimed at giving your home a gorgeous and a whole new look.

Stone cladding used outside your home

The home’s exteriorwsfwevdghbv

Stone cladding are used for covering the home exterior or in creating the exterior walls surrounding your home. The wall made from stone is very strong and durable. Such walls have a welcoming and a bright appearance to your home. Stone cladding homes have a timeless look since they can be renovated to give them a fresher look.

Golden walls the garden walls are either made by use of the appropriate stone cladding or by using simple boundary markers. Stone cladding is used in making the lower walls around the landscape slope like the retaining walls.

Patios and paths

The patio is the outdoor living space. Garden paths and patios made from stone cladding add style to your home. Gravel can also be used for giving charm to the outdoor paths, but it has a problem of scattering and getting messy over time. Stonework offers a beautiful appearance to the home compound and requires very little maintenance.
Stone cladding used inside your home


Stone cladding is the best flooring material. It adds charm and beauty to the house. It is also suitable for the high traffic areas like hallways and kitchen. The stone cladding floor can be decorated to enhance its appearance. Its floors are also very durable and easy to clean.


A firepwfwegrewslace is a critical point in a room. The place needs to be well decorated since it attracts a lot of people especially when there is fire. Using the right stone cladding can help in changing the general shape of your fireplace.

  Interior walls

Stone cladding walls give an amazing character to the entire room. Such walls are very attractive, and they create a warm feeling to your house. Their solid walls can also be used in the conservatory to protect it from exposure to harsh weather elements.