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Signs you should conduct a pregnancy test

Pregnancy is regarded as a tough period for most women. They go through different stages that they find unbearable. From the cravings to pain experienced, this is one of the toughest moment in a woman’s life. The happiness that comes with having a child can sweep out that pain. Children bring joy and happiness to a family. Many are always confused on the best methods for conducting a pregnancy test after intercourse. There are many crude suggestions like the use of salt that do not give accurate results. The use of pregnancy test kits is prevalent among many.

READ MORE HERE about the best home pregnancy tests. The test kits work by detecting whether there are some reproductive hormones in the003 urine or blood. All you have to do is dip the strip in a urine sample and wait for the advised time to get the accurate results. Home pregnancy test is preferred by many because of the privacy experienced during the procedure.  You just need to lock yourself in a bathroom and do the test. This is the best method for those who love keeping their pregnancy secret. It is fast and immediate compared to visiting a health center. Many do not know the right time to conduct a test after conception. Here are some signs that indicate you need to perform a pregnancy test.

Missed periods

This should be the first warning shot that you need to conduct a pregnancy test.  You cannot experience your monthly cycle when you are pregnant because of the fertilizing eggs. You should keep track of your menstrual cycle. Note the dates to avoid confusion. In case you miss your periods, take that step of conducting a test to know your condition.


Painful breast

During pregnancy, your body tends to produce certain hormones that support the baby’s growth. These hormones will make your breast feel soft, tender and somehow painful. The veins below them might appear darker. You shouldn’t ignore these changes but instead, take the initiative of conducting a test to know your pregnancy status.



002Cramps are not only associated with the menstrual recovery. During the implantation period, one can experience cramps similar to that experienced during menstruation. This may confuse you with your monthly cycle. Do not take chances whenever you feel this kind of pain during your regular days. Get yourself a test kit to confirm your status.