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Why dogs remain to be man’s best friends

Dogs are loyal animals and always happy when around their masters. Thanks to the strong benefits of owning a dog, these loyal friends are believed to be the first animals to be domesticated in human history. Not just that, scientific evidence confirms that having a dog as a pet keeps us entertained, more active and also reduces the chances of being depressed. So, if you still need further convincing on why you should own a dog, here are some exciting benefits of owning one.

Advantages of owning a dog

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Dogs are loyal animals. It is believed that dogs evolved from wolves, which as known to move in packs and develop strong bonds among pack members. As such, since it is their nature to live close to each other, having a dog assures you of uncompromisable loyalty. Since dogs view humans like members of their pack, pet owners too feel this close affection in the company of their pets.

More activity around dogs

Dogs help us stay active. At a time when obesity and lifestyle diseases are a major concern, it is imperative to get regular exercises. As such, owning a dog gives you enough reasons to take it for a walk, at the same time you also exercise. This is evidenced by the fact that seniors who walk pets tend to be more healthy and fit than those who spend their time in the company of fellow humans.

Makes us more sociable

At a time where social communications are a norm, most people find themselves unable even to start a simple conversation. This is certainly not so for dog walkers. Having a dog makes it easy for you to start a conversation. As such, if you are the types that find it easy initiating real discussions new people, tag a dog along and go for a walk you will be amazed by how many people you will be able to meet.

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Dogs are not just ordinary friends. They can save humans from security hazards and even some medical complications. If you suffer from seizures, trained dogs can detect the onset of a seizure and provide them with an early warning. How dogs detect seizures remains to be unknown.

Owning a dog can be a pleasant experience. However, you also need to be ready for the responsibility to stand any chance of enjoying these benefits. If you are ready to have a four-legged best friend, vancouver pet store can help you get the perfect pooch for you.