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Battling World Poverty – Ways You Can Contribute

It is no secret that poverty is one of the biggest problems our society face nowadays. In fact, according to some recent studies, almost 50% of the world’s population is considered poor or on the verge of being poor. In the majority of third world countries, poverty is so cruel that it makes people do all kinds of things against their own will. Everywhere in the world, every parent wants to provide for their children, ensure their education and ascertain a bright future for them. However, due to poverty, many of them are simply incapable of doing that.

As a direct consequence, it is the education that suffers the most. In order to provide their children with the basic needs, poor parents usually decide to sacrifice their studies. However, more often than not, they are also compelled to make other sacrifices as well.


With all this in mind, how can we, as an educated and prosperous society, help those that need help the most? Fortunately, there are many ways. If you are interested in playing your little part, read on, as we will touch upon some of the ways you can help the poor.

Be Informed

If you want to help with the global battle against poverty, make an effort to be on top of the current issues. For starters, pay attention to what is happening in your local area and then focus on the global level. By reading up on current poverty-related situations, you will probably be pleasantly surprised to find out that there have been a number of strides made in the last few years, thanks to the awareness of other people and their willingness to help.

Use Social Media

Given just how social media has become an integral part of our lives, this is definitely one of the cheapest and simplest ways to help to poor. Keep in mind that almost all organizations that battle world poverty have official websites and social media accounts. All you have to do is post your ideas on their pages about the various means of fighting poverty. Additionally, you can also follow a great number of organizations that are specifically dedicated to battling poverty and post about them on social media sites. With the help of social media, your voice will be heard, and you will contribute to the general effort.

Purchasing With A Cause

sadsadAnother way you can help the world’s poor is to simply be a consumer. You can do this by simply buying products from websites and organizations that donate a certain portion of their proceeds, or, for example, an interact club service project, one that sells shirts or bracelets to help the cause. Simply put, by purchasing merchandise from these organizations, you will directly help some child in a third-world country.

Work With Trustworthy Experts

Since there are a plethora of organizations that are working towards alleviating the suffering of the poor, make sure to work with those you can trust. Keep in mind that not all organizations are equal. Before you make your choice, do your little homework and gather as much information on a certain organization as possible. Remember that the only way you can help the poor is by working with reliable and trustworthy people, who will not take advantage of you or the people you are trying to help in order to make personal gains.