Increase your digital audience


Increase your digital audience

Ingenious content concentration

The combination of video, audio, text, polls, image and social media guarantee that your communication is both efficient and innovative. With our publishing system you will get the perfect addition to your website and increase your user traffic.

Customizable design

Design the newsroom according to your taste and needs. Size, colours and font are completely customizable; all it takes is a few clicks. The final product will look and feel like a native part of your original website.

Versatile integration

The Newsroom can easily be integrated into any website, app or big-screen application. This means your business partners or sponsors can easily embed the software on their respective platforms and thus profit from your content and increase the reach of your communication.

Analytics & SEO

Detailed analytics help you identify the total number of users and the average minutes each user spends on your Newsroom. The software architecture and the large amount of content will increase your standing in search engines.


Never has content publishing been so simple

User-friendly backend

Our backend is intuitive. No prior knowledge is needed for the user. A click is all you need to integrate various forms of content.


By using the category filter visitors to the Newsroom can modify what they get to see. This can be very useful if there is a lot of content provided or if the content is multilingual.

Community Building

Involve your clients! By involving your interest groups they are inspired to participate in the dialogue and thus visit your Website more often. Your community will grow steadily and you will gather interesting feedback directly from the source.


Monitoring the Social Media Content is very easy. You are always in total control. If you want to publish a post on the frontend, all you need to do is click.

Football Newsroom

Make each match a Digital Happening

All the content you want

The combination of scoring, matchinfo, video, audio, text, polls, image and social media posts by fans guarantee that your communication is both efficient and innovative. Our technology will help you in becoming the first choice of information for your fans.

The ideal tool for content marketing

Our tool adapts to all your needs, making sure the fans see the content you want them to see. The marketing possibilities are manifold: You can easily publish sponsored posts or give your partners a permanent presence in your Newsroom.

Event Newsroom

Make your event a digital happening

Creative and innovative content

Content is key to every successful event. With our extensive experience in content production in audio, video, text and picture, we know how to surprise and attract users. Every channel has it's own different requirements in terms of language and length, so we make sure that the right message is communicated for each channel.

More Traffic & higher response rate

Our sophisticated software combines all editorial content on a single page – it’s clear and intuitive. This diverse web communication is highly attractive for your users. Visitors will be animated to actively get involved and to become part of the community by sharing their experiences. Our experience has shown, that the number of users and especially the amount of visitor minutes are decisively increased when our Newsroom-Application is used. More traffic will increase the value of your event.
Newsroom in action at Swiss Skills Bern 2014


High-quality Video

Our video content is stimulating, authentic, entertaining and informative. Just take a look at our portfolio and you will see the care we put into our productions.

Complex Animation

We regularly produce complex animation content for our clients. We are your partners if you need a creative trailer or ribbon-animation.

Live Streaming

Make your event a digital happening

Great quality and good value

Our technology makes live broadcasting possible for everyone. Our streaming solution will give you the best possible quality at a very reasonable price. Our portfolio comprises live sports events, press conferences and panel discussions

The perfect addition to your content

We recommend to use livestreaming as part of a digital communication concept. In combination with our Newsroom technology, livestreaming can be a powerful weapon.
Livestream, Swiss Ice Hockey 1st league, Play-offs 2015


Distinct & effective

In order to capture and keep the attention of your audience you need a distinct design. We have the ideal microsite to accompany our newsroom-software.

Responsive & good value for money

Our microsites meet the highest standards and are completely responsive. Your design will look good on any screen.



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Newsroom Communication is the result of vast experiences in management, journalism, PR, marketing and communication. All three co-founders have worked for many bigger and smaller events in the past, including Olympic Games, European Championships, concerts, conferences, exhibitions and sport clubs. We are convinced that events and corporations need a more innovative platform to better adapt to the communication needs of the 21st century. With our headquarters in the midst of Europe and Switzerland, Newsroom Communication is located in the proximity of many major events and international organizations. The company currently employs five people and has a large pool of freelancers and partners.


Brian Ruchti

Co-Founder & Board of Directors

Simon Klopfenstein

Co-Founder & Board of Directors

Benjamin Blaser

Co-Founder & Board of Directors

Gabriel Haldimann

Project Manager

Sophie Keilwerth

Project Manager

Dario Hitz


Mathieu Gabi

Video Specialist

Luca Nicolai

Creative Specialist

Mia Hofmann

Event Journalist



Increase your digital audience

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